Environmental Sustainability:

Beenleigh Steel Fabrications Pty Ltd is a proud member of the Australian Steel Institute’s Environmental Sustainability Charter.  The Green Building Council of Australia awards one Green Point to fabricators who are Charter members.

Additionally, Beenleigh Steel Fabrications Pty Ltd has been awarded Gold member status for the seventh year running as we have demonstrated:

  • Evidence of company-wide environmental awareness, engagement, continual improvement and initiatives
  • Strong sustainability presence throughout the customer and supply chain
  • Industry best practice accredited to ISO 14001

Beenleigh Steel Fabrications Pty Ltd are committed to effectively managing environmental risks in order to prevent or reduce any adverse effects.  We achieve this aim by promoting a strong environmental ethic among employees, suppliers and contractors and by analysing and identifying each activity that may constitute a risk to the environment and implementing the relevant environmental plan.

As responsible corporate citizens, we encourage members of our local community to provide feedback on any environmental issue that may arise and any complaints can be registered with our head office staff (click here for contact details).

ASI Environmental Sustainability Charter:

The ESC’s purpose is to promote steel as a sustainable construction material and to ensure that members of the steel industry operate in an environmentally responsible way.  Charter members must demonstrate their ongoing commitment to environmental precepts and continuous improvements.

As members of the ESC, Beenleigh Steel Fabrications Pty Ltd can potentially earn our contractors one of two Green Points under the Green Building Council of Australia’s Revised Steel Credit Points Rating Scheme (2010).

New initiatives:

  • Encouraging minimal vehicle use among our employees thereby reducing our carbon footprint;
  • The compilation of a new preferred supplier and contractor database based on their environmental credentials;
  • Community engagement policy.
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