Quality Assurance:

Beenleigh Steel Fabrications has earned a Construction Category 3 rating under the NSSCS – the first fabricator in Queensland to achieve this level of certification.

Steelwork Compliance Australia (SCA) is the independent auditing and certification body of the National Structural Steelwork Compliance Scheme (NSSCS).

This Steelwork Technical Prequalification Scheme provides constructors, engineers and clients with the assurance that the fabricated steelwork for the specified construction category for their project is from a qualified, competent fabricator. Their selection from prequalified fabricators can now be made easily and efficiently.


BSF has operated a Quality Management System since 1993 and we are committed to continually improving our quality and productivity.  Our Quality Management System conforms to ISO 9001:2015 and provides our clients with competitively priced goods and services.

Procedural documentation has been prepared for all major activities undertaken by the company to improve efficiency and quality of service.


Australian Welding Institute:

BSF are corporate members of the Australian Welding Institute – an association that underpins our reliability as steel fabrication specialists.


Safety and the First Principle Thinking Approach:

First principle thinking has revolutionised Beenleigh Steel Fabrications’ safety culture.

Questioning and breaking down assumptions into fundamental truths results in non-linear ideas that can in turn lead to opportunities for innovation that would otherwise be missed.

By thinking outside the box with a first principles approach to problems, we can take a few steps back to the core issues with an open mind and make better informed decisions resulting in highly effective preventive strategies.

Continual improvement measures alone tend to limit potential innovation because they bind ideas to the original concept and design, whereas reasoning on first principles can uncover new solutions to familiar issues. 

At BSF, by combining continual improvement with first principle thinking we are fine-tuning an already industry leading safety management system (which conforms to ISO 45001:2018) and we have plans to apply this winning formula across our entire management network.

Breaking from the herd with forward thinking has given rise to new innovations, such as the development of custom software to streamline our production processes and the design and engineering of lifting equipment, rotators and other specialised solutions, some of which have been recognised and applauded by our peers for their ingenuity and efficiency.


Industrial Relations:

As a basis for good Industrial Relations Management, BSF workshop and site employees are covered by certified Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, which have been endorsed by relevant the trade unions, the Fair Work Commission and the ABCC.

BSF promotes and strives to achieve best practice by complying with the applicable National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry – Best Practice Guidelines.

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