Environmental Sustainability:

BSF has been a member of the Australian Steel Institute’s (ASI) Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC) since its inception in 2010.This charter has been superseded by Steel Sustainability Australia (SSA).

SSA’s objective is to support the responsible and sustainable manufacturing and processing of steel and steel products in the Australian market. It is a holistic program and has been developed to respond to the market’s demand for more sustainable construction products.

The SSA certification requires the highest governance standards and best practices in corporate governance systems and has been developed to meet the sustainability criteria of the Green Building Council of Australia.

Certified companies will have demonstrated lower environmental impact, transparency, respect for human rights, and that they are taking action to reduce carbon emissions and pursue circular solutions. They will be awarded a Responsible Products Value (RPV) which will contribute Green Star rating points to Green Star projects.

BSF is thrilled to announce that we have gained the aspirational level of SSA certification – Level 3. This demonstrates industry leadership and achieves ‘Best Practice product’ recognition under the Green Star rating system.



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